Winter Talk-and-Find Scene

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by Say Gray Speech

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: Just a fun Winter/Holiday Vocabulary Talk-and-Find Scene. Start with the scene or with the checklist and go back and forth. Or just search in the scene and talk about what you find. Great for describing, comparing, contrasting, and defining. Flashlight scenes are very fun for students to manipulate and they will be motivated to speak to get a turn. Therefore you can also prompt questions or phrases that contain articulation or language targets, e.g. initial /k/ in "Can I have a turn?" or /l/ in "Can I look?" or /s/ in "Let me see!" Give control of the screen after you get an appropriate response (with any help needed to get there). I made this for my own speech therapy and found it to be very fun. And it's almost Christmas so maybe a few people can still use it this week! ;) Thanks! There are also ten blanks where you can fill in other words. Perhaps some students have a different word for something, or they name a part of a picture (e.g. ear, stripe, etc). You can enter those words, if needed, under "others" on the right side of the list. Some of the words on the checklist are part of a picture.