Uncover the Picture Long O Spelled CVCe

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by Kristy Rivera

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 1,2

Description: These 20 task cards will have your students practice reading Long O Spelled CVCe and identifying pictures. There are 2 different pictures for the students to uncover, both with a snow cone kid's theme. Each of the 2 pictures has 9 questions for a total of 18 answers. On the first puzzle, the students will read the word, then find the matching picture on the puzzle and on the second puzzle the students will see the picture, then find the matching word on the puzzle to reveal the hidden picture. Students start with the picture totally hidden by the answer boxes. As they answer each question correctly, more and more of the hidden picture is revealed. Words/Pictures that are included: Mole, Pole, Sole, Hole, Bone, Cone, Code, Rode, Dome, Home, Hose, Nose, Rose, Robe, Poke, Joke, Vote, Note, Rope CCSS Standards: CCSRF1.3, CCSRF1.3.c, CCSRF1.2d, CCSRF1.2c, CCSRF1.2b, CCSRF1.2a, CCSSRF.2.3e, CCSSRF.2.3.a, CCSSRF.2.3.