Columbus Day Activities: Reading Passage & Vocabulary Task

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by The ESL Nexus

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Subjects: englishSecondLanguage,columbusDay,history,unitedStatesHistory

Grades: 5,6,7,8

Description: Here are 2 activities about Columbus Day. Detailed instructions are given on the 1st card of this resource. Students use the menu card to select which activity to do. In the 1st activity: Students read a biography of Christopher Columbus and answer comprehension questions. There are 6 cards in this activity: 3 with info about the life and legacy of the explorer and 3 cards with comprehension questions about the text on the preceding card. Students who need extra support can click on the audio icon to hear the text read aloud. Students can also go back and reread the text if they need help. In the 2nd activity: There are 20 cards with definitions of words about Columbus Day. Students must select the word that matches the definition by clicking on the correct word from a list or typing the correct word in a box. Students read the definition and/or click on the audio symbol to hear the definitions read aloud. The vocab cards have 4 types of multiple choice and fill in the blank responses, with 5 cards in each set: a) Cards 10 - 14: Multiple choice with 4 possible answers b) Cards 15 - 19: Multiple choice with 2 possible answers c) Cards 20 - 24: Fill in the blank with the correct word; these cards provide a picture as a clue d) Cards 25 - 29: Multiple choice with 3 possible answers This resource is aimed at English Language Learners with an intermediate level of language proficiency and higher. Other students may also enjoy it.