UFLI Lesson 45 SH digraph - Build a Monster Hangman Style

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by PuddleJumpers

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Subjects: speech,games,halloween,readingSkills,foundationalSkills,reading,phonics

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Build a Monster for Literacy - a hangman style game Oh phew! The monster has been defeated and is in pieces. It will stay that way unless you can’t guess the word! Guess a letter and if you get it wrong the monster will start to rebuild itself. If it is fully built and you haven’t guessed the word you lose! If you need some help, drag a clue box to reveal a clue. For an extra challenge – if you reveal a clue you could also take a monster part! Great for mini breaks during literacy lessons, this fun, interactive phonics deck targeting 'sh' words allows practice with a speech pathologist or teacher. Helps build vocabulary and category knowledge! Word List: shed, shin, ship, brush, fish, shop, shrub, shell. Compatible with: - UFLI Lesson 45 SH