Halloween Articulation Matching S S-blends L L-Blends

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by Speech Your Mind

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Subjects: speech,games,firstDayOfAutumn,halloween,articulation,apraxia,communicationSkills

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: Halloween Articulation Memory Game for /s/, s-blends, /l/, l-blends - Halloween Matching Game! No Print Activity - Do you have students on your speech-language caseload working on these targets ?? Practice articulation targets while playing a fun, interactive memory game. The game is designed for 2-3 players but students can also team up & work together to find the matches. * Initial s *Medial s *Final s * S-Blends * Initial l *Medial l *Final l * L-Blends Perfect for structured articulation practice! This deck is not self-checking. *Just a heads up: the numbered cards make the game smoother via teletherapy, however the numbers will not go back in order as you play* Halloween Articulation | Halloween Speech