Summer Grammar & Syntax: Open Ended Sentence Creation

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by Target Every Goal Speech Therapy

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Subjects: speech,expressiveLanguage,halloween,seasonSummer

Grades: 0

Description: Use these open-ended picture scene cards to formulate sentences targeting almost any grammar/syntax goal (eg. verb tenses, plurals, pronouns, prepositions, possessives, compound/complex sentences, etc.). Includes 5 different summer themes: at the beach, camping, cook out, at the zoo, and ice cream cart. Each theme is divided by regular verbs (8) and irregular verbs (5), with 13 total per theme. Each card includes a verb to be used as a prompt for students to create a scene depicting that action by using the moveable pieces as well as the "Draw" tool if needed to incorporate additional details. The therapist can then guide the student into creating a sentence using the target language form. Gone are the days of static picture scenes to elicit language targets in a monotonous drill format. Increase student engagement and stimulate their creativity and learning with this interactive deck by encouraging them to use their imaginations to create their own fun scenes to describe! This activity is completely open ended-- the therapist can determine what language forms are targeted depending on the student's needs. Examples of questions to elicit different targets: -- What did the boy/girl do at the beach? (regular/irregular past tense) -- Who ordered the ice cream sandwhich? (he/she/they-- pronouns) -- How many lions did they see at the zoo? (plurals) -- Where did the girl roast her marshmallow? (prepositions) -- Why did the girl dig a hole in the sand? (complex sentences)