Expanding Utterances (See, Like & Want) | Fall Nouns & Verbs

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by SpeechRUS

Price: 1260 points or $12.6 USD

Subjects: ela,reading,writing,speakingListening,speech,specialed,expressiveLanguage,earlyIntervention,pragmatics,receptiveLanguage,developmentalSkills,communicationSkills,Special Autism,holiday,firstDayOfAutumn

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This interactive no-prep bundle contains a variety of fall nouns & verbs to help students build a variety of expressive and receptive language skills. Students are able to practice answering WH questions, labeling common nouns & verbs, practice pragmatic skills (e.g. requesting & commenting) and increasing MLU with visual sentence strips. The following items are included in this activity: - 16 different Fall Verbs - painting, picking, throwing, carving, drinking, mixing, hiking, trick or treating, playing, eating, building, holding, raking, pulling, looking & reading - 21 different Fall Nouns - apple, squirrel, raincoat, basket, jam, sunflower, umbrella, sweater, leaf, hay, football, pinecone, acorn, tree, turkey, scarecrow, kite, apple cider, pumpkin, pie, barn - A variety of fall nouns- The following IEP goal can be targeted during this session: - Expanding Utterances & Increasing MLU - WH Questions - Core Word See - Labeling Verbs - Pragmatics (e.g. commenting)