THANKSGIVING MATH 2ND GRADE BUNDLE (12 decks, 620+ cards!)

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by Ever Joyful

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Subjects: mathElementary,additionAndSubtraction,placeValue,time,thanksgivingUS,money,math

Grades: 2

Description: This fun, THANKSGIVING-themed Boom Card Bundle includes 12 decks (620+ Boom cards) to engage your students in practicing 2nd Grade math skills such as adding and subtracting with regrouping, ordering numbers, number sight words, skip counting by 2, comparing numbers on a number line, using a 100 chart, place value, telling time, and counting and comparing coins. Great for review, math centers, early finishers, and distance learning! IN THE BUNDLE: 1. Addition with Regrouping 2. Subtraction with Regrouping 3. Adding 3 Numbers to 20 4. Skip Counting by 2 Numbers 0-1000 5. Missing Numbers - 100 Chart Puzzle 0-1000 6. Comparing Numbers on a Number Line 0-1000 7. Number Order 0-1000 8. 3-Digit Place Value Build It 9. 3-Digit Place Value Number Value 10. Number Sight Words 0-1000 11. Money Count and Compare U.S. Coins 12. Telling Time: Elapsed Time **Check out the preview to try out each of the decks Note of clarification: -This bundle does not cover all math skills for 2nd Grade. The grade indication is just a suggestion for the content included. -I have NOT included the grade indication on the deck covers in case you'd like to use them for other grades