Gnome at Home for Articulation - Spring 2

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by Troll in a Bowl

Price: 1500 points or $15 USD

Subjects: games,holiday,firstDayOfSpring,stPatricksDay,speech,articulation

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This series has three games in each deckā€¦. Gone to Pot, Old MacDoogle, & Pot Luck These decks are great for therapy OR for home programming. Now each deck has one speech target (there are 105 decks plus a reinforcer deck), so sending it home will keep parents focused on helping that one goal towards mastery. Now each deck has three games to keep students interested. Includes Reinforcer and 105 articulation sounds decks for Nasals, Fricatives, Blends, Affricates, Stops/Plosives, and Glides This is the second of 6 in our Spring Series. Since fast play links expire after 2 weeks we wanted to have more series to send after they finish each one.