BUNDLE | CVC short vowels a, i, e, u, o | 20 games | Phonics

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by LingvoKid

Price: 5000 points or $50 USD

Subjects: games,ela,reading,foundationalSkills,sightWords,phonics,phonologicalAwareness,fluency,speech,speechFluency,writing,elaLanguage,englishSecondLanguage,eslPronunciation

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: A big bundle of CVC words : short a, e, o , u ,i. Each vowel has 4 games. These two games are perfect to start with: 1) Read a word and tap its picture. There are special dots under letters to help a child read with his pointer. 2) Read and spell. Children read a word and then spell this word tapping its correct letters in a row. The next two games are great for practice: 3) Build a word. Drag the given letters into squares to build a word. 4) Unscramble scrambled words. Children first see a scrambled word and 24 pictures under it. They need to pronounce their unscrambled word or to write it and then they can tap its picture to see if their unscrambled word is correct.