Counting and subitizing games numbers to 10 Winter bundle

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by LOL - Life of Learning

Price: 2200 points or $22 USD

Subjects: englishSecondLanguage,eslVocab,holiday,firstDayOfWinter,christmas,math,mathElementary,countingAndCardinality,counting

Grades: 14,13

Description: This bundle contains two types of winter-themed games. In the first game, there is audio on each page. The players hears and sees a number (and can play it again by clicking on it) and has to drag and drop the indicated number of items. For example, the player places candy canes on a Christmas tree or snowflakes onto a snowman. In the second type of game, the player has to count an item (like the number of marshmallows in the hot cocoa, for example) and click on the correct number. All counting games, including other seasons and holidays, are available in a megabundle