"Summer's Peach" - 10 Reinforcers for Summer Practice

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by Troll in a Bowl

Price: 800 points or $8 USD

Subjects: ela,speech,specialed

Grades: 1,2,3,4

Description: Here is a set of ten fun Troll in a Bowl summer-themed reinforcer games. Gamecards are hidden underneath number cards. A child can practice a task and then choose any card to look under. Tell parents what skills to practice (it could be articulation, language, reading, math....) and then share the boom card deck with them for a summer home program. Two pdf parent handouts (one for articulation and another more generic for other goals) are included to help you describe your goal and the way they should use the games. Win at water volleyball before the Lifeguard takes your ball away, hang glide to Australia, win the sandcastle contest, build your ice cream cone first, defeat the sea monsters and more.