Prepositions | Expanding Utterances | Farm & Ocean Animals

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by SpeechRUS

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Subjects: speech,specialed,earlyIntervention,expressiveLanguage,pragmatics,receptiveLanguage,developmentalSkills,communicationSkills,Special Autism,holiday,firstDayOfSpring,seasonSummer,ela,reading,writing,speakingListening

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This interactive no-prep bundle contains engaging activities to help your students build a variety of receptive and expressive language skills targeting receptive and expressive basic concept skills using FARM & OCEAN ANIMALS. Students are able to practice labeling prepositions and expanding utterances using prepositional phrases! Visual sentence starters are provided. This interactive activity is extremely motivating and engaging with farm & zoo animals! The activity contains the following: - 14 different farm animals (e.g. cow, sheep, chicken, rooster, duck, pig, goose, dog, cat, horse, goat, rooster, rabbit, turkey) - 16 ocean animals & items (e.g. crab, shark, clownfish, snail, stingray, seahorse, fish, seaweed, whale, turtle, starfish, blowfish, clam, scuba diver, eel, jelly fish) - 8 prepositions (e.g. in front, behind, on top, above, below, under, next to, between) Some of the following IEP goals can be targeted during this activity: - Where Questions - Labeling Farm & Ocean Animals - Expanding Utterances and increasing MLU - Identifying and labeling basic concepts (e.g. prepositions)