Summer or Spring Backgrounds IMAGE BUNDLE

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by Tiffany Brodsky

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Description: These are SEVEN somewhat realistic illustrations to use as backgrounds for the summer and/or spring seasons (or others). They all put your images and items up front by having a simple image and providing plenty of room for you to create on. Add questions, drag and drop items, and more. Use them as you image! You can use these anywhere and as much as you like for personal and commercial use as long as you add something to it. However, you may not share it with others for free. Please tell others where and how to purchase these instead. Thank you, and enjoy! Outstandingly easy to use for any subject (reading, science, math, etc.) Includes: Grass Fading Blue Sky Flower Background Grass Blue Sky Flower Background With Dark Blue Trim THIS OR THAT BACKGROUND Black Background with Grass and Flower Black Background with Grass and Flower2 HILL AND BLUE SKY BACKGROUND Grass, Blue Sky, and Acorn Background I greatly appreciate outstanding feedback, referrals, and credit. Thank you!