Magpie Melodies: Complete Set Bundle

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Description: Tonic, Mediant, & Dominant in C major (Magpie Melodies 1) Students will learn their tonic, mediant, and dominant scale degrees in C major with this set of Boomâ„¢ Cards! They will be given two cards and asked to drag the magpie to the correct scale degree (e.g. "Drag the magpie to the melody that starts on the mediant"). All cards are in C major, treble clef, Middle C position. Ear Training & Sight Reading Game (Magpie Melodies 2) This is a great, hands-on way for you students to get some ear training and sight reading practice! They will hear a familiar melody--but 1 measure is missing! The student must listen to the audio and decide which measure to drag to the blank measure. Students must pay attention to both pitch and rhythm in order to correctly answer. Ear Training Listen & Tap Melody (Magpie Melodies 3) In this ear training game, students will listen and tap the correct measures. Measures are in treble clef, key of C, using either quarter notes or half notes. This deck of ear training cards will help students pay attention to whether melodies are going up or down as they listen and sight-read. Finish the Melody Ear Training Game (Magpie Melodies 4) Students will finish the melody in this ear training game by tapping the correct note. All measures are in 4/4 meter, key of C. Answers provided are in Middle C position, either quarter notes or half notes. This will help students with ear training as they listen to 3-4 notes and determine if the pitches stay the same, go