Orton Gillingham Spelling Closed Syllable Exception Find Gold Game and Practice Skill Bundle

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by Kindred Thicket

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Subjects: phonics,elaLanguageSpelling

Grades: 13,1,2,3

Description: Are you looking for a fun way for your OG students to practice spelling closed syllable exception words like FIND, GOLD, HOST, BOLT and MILD? This Orton Gillingham inspired bundle targets this skill in two steps. -First, in the the Spelling Extensions "Pan for Gold and Find Gold" activity, students focus on mastering spelling closed syllable exception words while panning for gold with these spelling Boom cards! Students listen to the audio on each play card, then move the correct "gold nugget" phonograms from the river to the gold pans on the shore. The gold pans are color-coded to help students discover the vowel (I or O) + 2 Consonant pattern to these words. -Second, the Spelling Essentials activity provides a distraction-free design to evaluate mastery of the skill. Students, listen to the audio on each card and spell the word using individual letters. Sets includes 62 BOOM ™ cards total 60 play cards 2 instruction/example card Suggested Teaching: Teachers should explain that when a closed syllable contains an i or o followed by two consonants, it may make the long sound. Strategy: 1. Is it a closed syllable? Does it contain a single i or o? Is the vowel immediately followed by two consonants? If you answered YES to all of the questions, the vowel may make its long sound.