Decodable Readers | Short U

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by Messy Bun and Markers

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Subjects: ela

Grades: 13,1,2

Description: This bundle contains short u decodable reader stories. Each story focuses on a short u word family and one story is a review of all short u words. These decodable readers are a great way to build student confidence in reading. These decodables were designed to be used with beginning and/or struggling readers. You can have students read these decodable stories independently, with a partner, or with a teacher. The first slide has short u words and sight words that appear in the text. These should be reviewed before reading the story. These Short U Decodables come after the Short a, i, e, and o decodables in my store and contain some short a, i, e, and o words. Stories also contain sight words. Words are considered sight words if they do not follow a phonics pattern, or if a phonics pattern has not yet been taught.