CVCC and CVCV Words | Expanding Utterances Core Vocabulary Bundle

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by Creative Adventurers' Club

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Subjects: specialed,communicationSkills,ela,reading,whQuestions

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This Expanding Utterances Activity Bundle contains 10 Decks and is best used to help your learner hone their receptive and conversational skills. Use expansions inside and outside of the classroom to effectively increase the language development of children in early childhood. This deck contains colorful and engaging images and nouns with visual sentence strips to increase Mean Length Utterances (MLU) with the core words WANT NEED LIKE FOUND SEE. This Expanding Utterances deck features: - Visual Sentence Strips to guide students in expanding their MLU - Form words made up of Nouns + Verbs + Nouns (e.g. I found a belt) - Multiple repetitions of the featured core words WANT NEED LIKE FOUND SEE - Various CVCC Words (bank, bulb, cast, hand, disc, lamp, tent, nest, list, mask, sink, milk, plane, snake, belt, desk, sand, glove, steak, spoon, heart, shark, fence) - Various CVCV Words (taco, cookie, daddy, mommy, pony, baby, coffee, pillow, candy, kitty, bunny, puppy, money, potty, hammer, paper) This activity targets the following IEP goals: - Expanding Utterances and Increasing MLU - Core word FOUND - Pragmatics (e.g. identify/label objects. actions, events) - CVCC and CVCV words -Describe objects using adjectives/attributes, (e.g. colors, compositions, functions, length, height, speed, odor, time, distance, etc.). - WH Questions