"Latkes for Lavie" for Minimal Pairs

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by Troll in a Bowl

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Subjects: games,holiday,hanukkah,speech,phonology

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: This Hanukkah, Lavie the mouse is going to finally get some latkes. They smell so good but the cat is always around. Lavie has a great disguise, though. He is dressed like a dreidel. Help Lavie cross the kitchen floor to get a latke before Hanukkah is over to win the game. This is a cooperative game where every player works together to win!!! Minimal pairs for working on 12 different phonological processes with the "Latkes for Lavie" game. Short video tutorial included. *Final Devoicing *Prevocalic Voicing *Final Consonant Deletion *Initial Consonant Deletion *Fronting *Stopping */s/ Blend Cluster Reduction */l/ Blend Cluster Reduction */r/ Blend Cluster Reduction *Liquid Simplification *Deaffrication *Denasalization