eck Short E Blending and Spelling Bundle

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by Dragonfly Bay

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Subjects: ela,phonics,phonologicalAwareness,fluency

Grades: 13,1

Description: Are you working on improving your students blending, decoding and fluency in their reading skills? These engaging and differentiated digital games will help your students practice 5 words from the -eck short E word family. There are TWO DIFFERENTIATED games included in this product. The first game will have them blend the letters together and identify the matching image. The second game will include the blending of the word along with identifying the correct spelling and visually identify the word from letter outline boxes. FOCUS WORDS: check, deck, neck, peck, wreck FOCUS STANDARDS ✅Common Core: RF.K.3; RF.K.3d; RF.1.3; RF.2.3 ✅Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills: LA.K.2.B.iii; LA.1.2.B.i LA.2.2.B.i ✅Virginia Standards of Learning: R.K.3.f; R.1.3.c; R.1.5.d; R.1.5.e; R.1.5.f; R.2.3.b QUESTIONS OR CONNECT WITH ME ✉ EMAIL: ❤️Thank you, Michelle, Dragonfly Bay © Dragonfly Bay by Michelle