Animated GIF Dice Clipart – Yellow with Black Dots

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by Colleen's Cosmic Collection

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Subjects: games

Grades: 0

Description: Take your digital resources to the next level by adding an element of anticipation and apparent “chance” with these ANIMATED Dice Clipart images! These GIFs are fantastic for making your resources more exciting and engaging! This Animated Dice Clipart set includes a PDF with a link to a Google Drive folder containing: Yellow dice with black dots 14 GIF images altogether 7 dice animations - 6 dice landing on the numbers 1-6 - 1 dice rolling continuously 2 copies of each animation is included - A high-quality copy - A smaller, web-friendly copy which can be used in Boom Cards™ task cards. What others have said about my Dice GIF sets: “These. Are. Awesome!! I wish there was a sixth star I could give these images. These will bring my Boom Decks to a whole other level; thank you SO much! The included how-to video on how to get them to work properly on Boom was super helpful.” “The best ever dice to use with digital games! Thanks also for including the how-to video on how to get them to work on Boom Learning. That was the icing on the cake! Fabulous clip art!” “I was happy to find these after searching for months trying to find a form of digital dice. I have added them to several PowerPoint games that I'll be using with my students this year.” “This enhanced my lesson planning in the area of "needed supplies" to teach a lesson. Good visual to show via smart board. No need to use two little dice and try to get the document camera to focus in on them!”