First Grade Math Unit 1: Number Sense Part 1 Bundle (9 games)

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by Tiny Teaching shack

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Subjects: math

Grades: 13,1

Description: 1st Grade Math Unit 1: Number Sense Part 1 is the first unit of my first grade math boom card series. There are twelve units in all and each unit is packed with nine games that were made to engage young learners. This unit was made with first grade in mind, but you can adapt it to your lessons to review the skills with second graders and to challenge high level kindergarteners. • Counting Objects: Students will count the objects and write the number in the box provided. (numbers 0-21) • Ten Frames: Students will choose the ten frame that shows the correct number. (numbers 0-20) • Missing Numbers: Students will fill in the blanks with the correct missing numbers. (numbers 0-26) • Ten Frames: Students will count the number of pieces of candy in the ten frame and write the correct number. (numbers 0-20) • Number Line: Students will count and write the numbers on a number line. (numbers 0-24) • One More and One Less: Students will practice counting and identifying one more and one less than a given number. (numbers 0-25) • Number Recognition: Students will be required to recognize numbers in different formats, such as a numeral, tally marks, ten frames, fingers, objects, and dice. (numbers 0-20) • Even or Odd: Students will practice identifying even and odd numbers under 20. • Number Order: Students will practice ordering numbers less than 25.