First Grade Math Unit 3: Subtraction Part 1 Bundle (9 games)

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by Tiny Teaching Shack

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Subjects: math

Grades: 1,2

Description: 1st Grade Math Unit 3: There are twelve units in all and each unit is packed with nine games that were made to engage young learners. This unit was made with first grade in mind, but you can adapt it to your lessons to review the skills with second graders and to challenge high level kindergarteners. -Subtraction Number Sentence: Students will choose the correct equation that represents the pictures. -Subtraction on a Number Line: Students will read the number lines to form equations. -Number Bonds: Students will determine the unknown whole number in each number bond. -Subtraction Fluency: Subtract within 20 and demonstrate fluency. -Differences: Subtract within 20 to demonstrate fluency. -Balancing Equations: Determine the unknown whole number to make the subtraction equations on both sides equal. -Missing Numbers: Students will determine the unknown whole number in subtraction equations relating three whole numbers. -True or False Equations: Determine which subtraction equations are true or false. -Subtraction Word Problems: Use subtraction within 20 to solve word problems.