2nd Grade Math BOOM CARDS Hidden Pictures GROWING BUNDLE

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by Simons in Second

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Subjects: math,mathElementary,counting,patterns,additionAndSubtraction,placeValue,fractionsAndNumbers,time,money

Grades: 2

Description: Enhance your 2nd-grade math curriculum with this comprehensive bundle of Boom Cards designed to engage young learners in interactive and dynamic math activities. Created specifically for second-grade classrooms, these Boom Cards cover a wide range of essential math skills and concepts, making learning both effective and enjoyable for students. Contents: 2-digit place value [available now!] 3-digit place value [available now!] skip counting within 100 [available now!] telling time to the nearest 5 minutes [available now!] identifying fractions [available now!] counting coins [available now!] 2-digit addition & subtraction [available now!] 3-digit addition and subtraction [available now!] add/subtract 10 & 100 [coming June 2024] skip counting within 1,000 [coming June 2024] 2-digit word problems [coming July 2024] 3-digit word problems [coming July 2024]