I SEE Farm Animals-2 Word Size Phrases BUNDLE

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by Strange Duck Studio

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Subjects: speech,communicationModalities,modalitiesAAC,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,specialed,Special Autism,earlyIntervention


Description: It caters to a broad spectrum of students, including various levels, from photo to clipart, both with & without visual supports. With the aim to increase Mean Length of Utterance (MLU), these decks incorporate clear images, visual supports (where applicable), audio & labels, facilitating comprehension and learning for autistic, special needs & early language students. Using the carrier phrase 'I see', students are introduced to adjective + noun sentences, prompting them to describe objects beyond basic labels. Initially, the student will generate two-word phrases. Then, they will construct complete sentences using these two-word phrases. Features: Initial Phrase-Building (cards 2-8): Students begin building two-word (adjective + noun) phrases. Interactive Learning (cards 9-10): Learning is fun with interactive diagrams that show the building blocks of sentences. These diagrams have a mix of visuals, audio and text to help students grasp the concepts more easily. Sentence Construction Practice (cards 11-17): Moving beyond individual words, students progress to formulating complete sentences by adding an adjective (size) and noun (farm animal) to the end of a carrier phrase ('I see'). Audio Support: Each label, such as 'cow' or 'see,' has its own audio. You can also listen to the full sentence, like 'I see a big cow,' by clicking the 'Audio Cue' button. Visual Supports: These are included (where applicable) with every label to assist with comprehension.