Articulation for older students | Vocalic R BUNDLE Activity

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by BigDogCards

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Subjects: speech

Grades: 0

Description: If you’re working with Articulation for older students and need articulation activities or games for vocalic R “er” , then look no further than this bundle. I target vocalic R in isolation, vocalic r in words, vocalic r in two word phrases and in short sayings for plenty of practice. Deck one (each sound in Isolation - 10 reveal puzzles), Deck two (CVC words in a memory match game- 6 boards- 60 words). Deck three (two word phrases in a scrambled picture format, 12 puzzles, 192 phrases divided by type), Deck four (Common sayings in a jeopardy/hangman style game- 12 boards). Deck five (22 words with the dreaded RL word in a riddle format). Deck 6 (Unstressed ER Choice game to assess carryover). This bundle consists of over 41 articulation games and boards for A LOT of practice. If you want PRINTIES Look for the PRINTIE BUNDLE - VOCALIC R WORKSHEET BUNDLE- INCLUDING RL