Articulation Word Puzzles Brain Teasers BUNDLE

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by Stacy Crouse

Price: 1500 points or $15 USD

Subjects: adultSpeech,articulation,speech

Grades: 9,10,11,12

Description: Are your older students tired of the same ol' same ol' and ready for a new and different challenge in their speech therapy sessions? This activity bundle is full of WORD PLEXER PUZZLES that will intrigue your articulation students as they practice articulation goals! In these SOUND-LOADED BRAIN TEASERS, students work to figure out the word or phrase being represented by the placement, size, color, quantity, etc. of words and symbols on the card. Throughout these fun activities, students also have tons of opportunities to practice their sounds! You can use this speech therapy activity for a variety of purposes, such as... ✅ Articulation PRACTICE for both in-person and teletherapy sessions ✅ A fun HOMEWORK assignment that students will actually want to do ✅ A quick way to fill EXTRA TIME at the beginning or end of sessions ✅ An easy, no-prep SUBSTITUTE PLAN These word plexers are sorted by sound and word position, so you can really focus on students' specific goals. In addition to targeting articulation, these sound-loaded puzzles are full of ways to address LANGUAGE GOALS like idioms and multiple-meaning words. 5 decks are included in this bundle: ✅ Initial /r/, vocalic /r/, and /r/ blends ✅ /l/ (all word positions) and /l/ blends ✅ /s/ and /z/ (all word positions) and /s/ blends ✅ /th/ and /sh/ (all word positions) ✅ /ch/ and /j/ (all word positions) These activities allow you to finally beat boredom in speech therapy by really changing it up!