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Subjects: ela,writing,elaLanguage,englishSecondLanguage,language,instructionalEnglish,nativelanguage,nativeEnglish

Grades: 4,6,7,9,10

Description: A bundle of 6 products about phrases. After completing these lessons, the students will be able to: • Define phrases and their components. • Classify phrases as nominal, verbal, adjectival, adverbial and prepositional. • Identify the properties and features of phrases. • Identify the pattern of phrases as used in the sentences. • Exercise error identification to ensure phrases are not misplaced and dangling. • Use phrases to vary sentence patterns for meaning, reader interest and style. This bundle includes Boom Cards about: • Phrase Types: 47 Boom Cards • Noun or Nominal Phrase: 72 Boom Cards • Non-Finite Verbal Phrase: 92 Boom Cards • Adjective or Adjectival Phrase: 63 Boom Cards • Adverb or Adverbial Phrase: 66 Boom Cards • Prepositional Phrase: 70 Boom Cards These digital task cards would be great on a: • Laptop and desktop • Chromebook and tablet • Smart Board and mobile device These cards are aligned to: CCSS – ELA.LITERACY. L.4.1e, L.6.3a, L.7.1ac, L.9-10.1b