First Grade Wonders Spelling Practice - Unit 4 Bundle

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by Teaching First Virtually

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Grades: 1

Description: This is a bundle of First Grade spelling word practice using the words from Unit 4 of McGraw-Hill Wonders 2017. The activities are: 1. Read the word. Choose the matching picture. 2. Look at the picture. Choose the word that is spelled correctly. Unit 4 Week 1 Words: mail, chain, way, play, day, rain, took, hood, our, carry Unit 4 Week 2 Words: we, me, feed, keep, seat, beak, rain, play, other, because Unit 4 Week 3 Words: no, oat, toe, low, boat, row, keep, we, more, over Unit 4 Week 4 Words: night, kind, pie, no, listen, caught, boat, right, by, find Unit 4 Week 5 Words: bumpy, funny, sandy, puppy, key, penny, my, would, night, wash Enjoy and look for more activities and bundles to come!