CAUSE & EFFECT of emotions & feelings Social Skills BUNDLE

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by Atypical Living

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Description: Name the emotion and identify the cause of depicted emotion. Work on social skills by reading body language (non-verbal communication.) Use the feelings/emotions page on AAC device to target expressing emotions using one button "stressed" or a phrase "He sad." These decks address: Cold Disgusted Tired Joyful Confused Anxious Free Playful Stressed Disappointed Frustrated Excited Sad Curious Depressed Excited Overwhelmed Relaxed Thankful Cranky Each scenario has 4 slides: 1. Name the emotion "What do you think he is feeling right now?" 2. Visual cue provided "Oh look, a clue! Confetti." (animated gif in deck 1) 3. Visual and emotion labeled "Excited! He is feeling excited." 4. Identify cause of emotions from choice of 4 "Which one of these do you think made him excited?" Possible goals to target with or without AAC: Reading non-verbal body language Describing different body movements and facial expressions Answering yes/no questions Naming emotions shown State cause of emotions Answer Wh- questions Problem solving Perspectives