Phonological Awareness - 8 Deck Deletion & Synthesis Bundle - Compound Words, CVC, CCVC, CVCC

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by Little Speech Shop

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Subjects: speech,ela,phonologicalAwareness

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: These decks are designed to target the deletion and synthesis of phonemes in words. 4 Decks target Deletion: *Compound Words Deletion* - 45 cards: Initial syllable (e.g. sunlight-sun=light) - 45 cards: final syllable (e.g. treehouse-house=tree) *CVC Words Deletion* - 40 cards: Initial phoneme (e.g. bin-b=in) - 40 cards: final phoneme (e.g. rake-k=ray) *Initial Blends Deletion* - 40 cards: Initial phoneme (e.g. plane-p=lane) - 40 cards: medial phoneme (e.g. break-r=bake) *Final Blends Deletion* - 40 cards: medial phoneme (e.g. sand-n=sad) - 40 cards: final phoneme (e.g. ramp-p=ram) 4 Decks target Synthesis: *Compound Words Synthesis* - 45 cards: Initial & final syllable (e.g. sun+light=sunlight) *CVC Words Synthesis* - 40 cards: Initial phoneme (e.g. b+in = in) - 40 cards: final phoneme (e.g. ray+k = rake) *Initial Blends Synthesis* - 40 cards: Initial phoneme (e.g. g+ran=gran) - 40 cards: medial phoneme (e.g. bake +r=break) *Final Blends Synthesis - 40 cards: medial phoneme (e.g. sad+n=sand) - 40 cards: final phoneme (e.g. ram+p=ramp) 4 options are given to choose from to provide visual cues - the correct answer, and 3 distractor options that are similar to the correct answer. Moveable blocks cover the words for the pictures. These can be moved if you need a clue for the target word, but they are covered so that the students don't have the written form of the word to work with, and rather rely on developing their auditory skills. Total: 80 target cards + 4 other cards