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Price: 1600 points or $16 USD

Subjects: ela,language

Grades: 5,6,7,8,9

Description: A bundle of 10 products on figurative language – figures of speech. After completing these lessons, the students will be able to: • Define various figures of speech with examples. • Compare and contrast various figures of speech. • Examine the examples of various figures of speech to identify their meaning. • Interpret a given text and identify the examples of various figures of speech. • Evaluate a text and explain how various figures of speech have impact on the reader. • Use figures of speech to make writing poetic and to express creatively and concisely. This bundle includes Boom Cards on: • Rhetorical Comparison Devices: 75 Cards • Rhetorical Sound Devices: 96 Cards • Sensory Imagery – Word Images: 60 Cards • Personification – Figure of Speech: 32 Cards • Irony Types – Verbal, Situational, Dramatic: 38 Cards • Synecdoche vs Metonymy: 68 Cards . Idioms: 66 Cards . Oxymoron: Figure of Speech - 60 Boom Cards . Metaphor: Figure of Speech - 71 Boom Cards . Simile: Figure of Speech - 75 Boom Cards These digital task cards would be great on: • a laptop • a desktop • a Chromebook • a tablet • a mobile device • Smart Board These cards are aligned to: • CCSS – ELA.LITERACY. RL.2.4, L.3.5a, RL.6-8.4, L.4.5a, L.5.5a, L.6-8.5ab, L.9-10.3,5, W.6-8.3d