Community Helper Language Bundle | Bundle of 12

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by Teacher Kimmy

Price: 4800 points or $48 USD

Subjects: comprehensionAndCollaboration,speakingListening,litReadingComprehension,reading,ela,eslVocab,englishSecondLanguage,games,laborDay,autism,ot,receptiveLanguage,speech,Special Autism,readingSkills,specialed

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: This Community Helper bundle compiles the Labor Day themed engaging activities for students to practice lots of language skills. It is perfect for K to 2nd graders to work on Conversation Skills, Answering Questions, Auditory Comprehension, Sentence Building, Categorization and a lot more! These require no prep, no print self-checking digital resource and some decks with audio. Your students will definitely enjoy these engaging digital activity in classroom, independent work or distance learning. You may also use this for teletherapy. What's included? 1. 12 boom decks (some decks with audio) 2. Build a Sentence 3. Answering Questions 4. Conversation Skills 5. Categorization 6. Spatial Preposition 7. Auditory Comprehension 8. Visual Memory When & how to use it? 1. Classroom Activity 2. Homeschool or Distance Learning 3. Small Group Activity 4. Independent Work Time Happy Learning!