Money Math - LEVEL 2 - MEGA BUNDLE

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by Transition Abilities

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Subjects: math,specialed,lifeSkills,Special Autism

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Description: This bundle includes ALL LEVEL 2 decks, providing comprehensive consumer and money math practice. With over 600 BOOM Cards, Level 2 offers advanced practice opportunities for students, as correct answers are not guided. Each set of decks covers different money math concepts, in sequential order. The questions become more challenging as the cards progress. Each BOOM card set in the bundle also gets progressively more difficult. These can be used as an assessment tool, independent activity, class activity, quiz or review! Use this tool to get a baseline on student's money math skills or to test their knowledge after teaching the concepts in class! ✧ WHAT'S INCLUDED ✧ Total of 600+ Questions 1. Identifying Coins & Bills & Values 2. Adding Money A. Skip Counting B. Most to Least Addition C. Skip Counting Coins & Bills D. Adding Different Coins E. Adding Different Bills F. Adding Bills & Coins 3. Paying with Cash A. Rounding with Dollar Up B. Rounding to Nearest Coin C. Rounding to Nearest Bill D. Paying with Exact Change 4. Determining & Making Change A. Subtraction via Mental Math B. Calculating Change C. Making Change using Coins Only D. Making Change using Coins & Bills E. Calculating and Making Change