Spanish Version 3-4 Step Sequencing Pictures Task Bundle - ADLs, IADLs, Life Skills

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by The Function Well

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Subjects: instructionalSpanish,nativeSpanish,adultSpeech,cognition,cognitionAttention,cognitionMemory,cognitionSequencing,cognitionProblemSolving,speech,ot,activitiesOfDailyLiving,brainInjury,fineMotorSkills,instrumentalActivitiesOfDailyLiving,visualPerception,cognitionExecutiveFunctioning,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage,specialed,specialAdults,lifeSkills,Special Autism,communicationSkills

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Description: SPANISH VERSION - This activity is designed to target ADLs, IADLs, memory, expressive language and sequencing skills in adults and teens. The ability to sequence daily tasks is a functional life skill, which can improve independence across a variety of settings. To complete this activity, drag and drop the pictures into the correct box (PRIMERO, DESPUÉS, LUEGO, AL FINAL). 3-STEP Sequences Included: Making a PBJ, Washing Pots/Pans, Washing Face, Crossing Streets, Making a Bowl of Cereal, Planting a Tree, Washing Dishes, Brushing Teeth, Making a Bed, Making Pasta, Fishing, Making Tea, Unlocking/Locking a Door, Washing Hands, Taking Out Trash, Washing Hair, Putting on Shoes.Socks, Getting Dressed, Making Cookies 4-STEP Sequences Included: Washing Face, Making Pasta, Brushing Teeth, Fishing, Making Tea, Locking/Unlocking Door, Washing Hands, Taking Out Trash, Washing Hair, Putting on Shoes/Socks, Getting Dressed, Making Cookies, Going Grocery Shopping, Planting Seeds, Making an Egg, Painting, Making a Pizza, Mailing a Letter This task is appropriate for the following environments: skilled nursing (SNF), hospital, home health, schools