Sequencing Activities Speech Therapy Pictures BUNDLE

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by Stacy Crouse

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Subjects: speech,expressiveLanguage,receptiveLanguage


Description: This VERSATILE sequencing bundle helps you target NUMEROUS goals in speech therapy sessions! The 2 decks include tons of visuals as students SEQUENCE pictures and FORMULATE sentences about them. You'll get 2 giant decks of sequencing activities for a total of 33 SEQUENCES. The variety gives you options to use throughout the year. One deck includes SEASONAL themes, while the other deck focuses on EVERYDAY topics and activities (cleaning, hygiene, etc). From each of the MENU CARDS, choose a simple, 4-STEP picture sequences. Each sequence includes... ✅ 4 movable IMAGES for students to arrange in the correct order. ✅ An option to extend the activity by having students formulate SENTENCES to describe each step in the sequence by... - TYPING their sentence in a text box. - RECORDING their sentence (and listening to it). Bright, colorful PICTURES will draw students in. Plus, the variety of INTERACTIVE elements (dragging and dropping pictures, filling text boxes, speaking/recording audio) make these decks engaging for students. Target much more than sequencing and using sequential concepts! These VERSATILE activities help you work on other LANGUAGE GOALS such as... ✔️ Subject-verb AGREEMENT ✔️ Using various VERB TENSES ✔️ Using PRONOUNS to describe pictures ✔️ DESCRIBING actions and events ✔️ EXPANDING language utterances ✔️ Using CONJUNCTIONS and complex sentences ✔️ Identifying VOCABULARY for nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.