Sentence Structure - Fall Assembly and Formulation

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by Speech Club Publications

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Subjects: eslGrammar,games,firstDayOfAutumn,speech,expressiveLanguage

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Description: Word Order Quiz Game is designed to improve flexibility in the comprehension of syntactic structure in the formation of sentences. The Fall themed card activities focus on the ability to rearrange and connect a set of words in order to form a sentence structure that makes sense. Students read the mixed up words then reorder them to form a sentence that makes sense. Suggested answers are on each card but some of the word sets may have more than one acceptable correct answer. Objectives: To increase the ability to flexibly rearrange words in order to form a correct sentence To increase comprehension of rules governing word order in sentence formulation Build a Fall Sentence Quiz Game! is a Fall season sentence structure resource designed to provide practice in the ability to flexibility formulate a sentence given a set of theme based words. Each card has a set of 3 to 5 autumn words that are to be used as the foundation of the sentence. Students may add and change as many words as they need to construct the best sentence possible. The activities target the ability to verbally connect a set of words with flexibility in order to formulate grammatically correct sentences. Objectives To connect words in order to formulate grammatically correct sentences To increase comprehension and the use of rules governing sentence word order