The Write Sounds: Extended Code Bundle

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by Speakeasy Speech Pathology

Price: 2000 points or $20 USD

Subjects: fluency,phonologicalAwareness,phonics,reading,elaLanguageSpelling,expressiveLanguage,speechFluency,phonology,receptiveLanguage

Grades: 14,13,1,2,3

Description: The Write Sounds allows kids to dive into phonics to quickly learn the sounds in an engaging game show environment. This deck focuses firstly on enhancing letter-sound knowledge, then practising segmenting and blending, and finally auditory identification of sounds/spellings. It allows students to practice with a speech pathologist or teacher in one-on-one or small group settings. Kids will love learning the ins and outs of phonics with The Write Sounds! Compatible with Sounds Write: Extended Code Units 1-49. 1: Sound /ae/ 2: Sound /ee/ 3: Spelling <ea> 4: Sound /oe/ 5: Spelling <o> 6: Sound /er/ 7: Sound /e/ 8: Sound /ow/ 9: Spelling <ow> 10: Sound m/oo/n 11: Sound /ie/ 12: Sound b/oo/k 13: Spelling <oo> 14: Sound /u/ 15: Spelling <ou> 16: Sound /s/ 17: Spelling <s> 18: Sound /l/ 19: Sound /or/ 20: Sound /air/ 21: Sound /ue/ 22: Spelling <ew> 23: Sound /oy/ 24: Sound /ar/ 25: Sound /o/ 26: Spelling <a> 27: More /ae/ Sounds 28: Sound /d/ 29: More /ee/ Sounds 30: Sound /ie/ 31: Spelling <y> 32: More /oe/ Sounds 33: Sounds /n/ 34: More /er/ Sounds 35: Sound /v/ 36: More m/oo/n Sounds 37: Sound /j/ 38: Sound /g/ 39: Spelling <g> 40: Sound /f/ 41: Spelling <gh> 42: Sound /m/ 43: More /or/ Sounds 44: Sound /h/ 45: More /h/ Sounds 46: Sound /r/ 47: Sound /t/ 48: Sound /z/ 49: Sound /eer/ Decks target: -Sound-letter awareness -Word matching -Word reading with pictures -Word spelling -Sentence reading -Text reading -Sound/spelling identification with audio