Dynamic Assessment & RTI for Language- Disorder vs. Difference: A Camping Trip! BUNDLE

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by Of Mouth & Mind- D. Hamburg, SLP

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Subjects: ela,englishSecondLanguage,speech,receptiveLanguage,expressiveLanguage,bilingual,elaLanguage,speakingListening,cognition,eslVocab,eslGrammar

Grades: 14,13,1,2

Description: This Dynamic Assessment resource is series of steps to determine "language learning ability" to assess culturally and linguistically diverse children. This can be used as a tool to help determine whether a child has a communication disorder vs. a communication difference. It also addresses Response to Intervention procedures to determine whether a child presents with a possible communication disorder for further assessment. Specialists need to be very considerate of whether observed language behaviors are a language disorder rather than a language difference. Dynamic Assessment meets this need and is not only appropriate, but critical in the ethical assessment of English language learners or children with diverse backgrounds. This process allows for the observation of language potential in a assess-teach-reassess model. Rather than reporting a static score on an evaluation report, you are able to describe a child's learning behaviors. This bundle includes: -Dynamic Assessment & RTI Boom Cards Assess/Teach/Reassess Deck: A Camping Trip! (100 cards) -Dynamic Assessment & RTI Framework (a guide), 3 page pdf printable -Lesson & Assessment Plan with Scoring Forms (26 page pdf printable of Boom Card deck as option if digital format is not used). Scoring Forms are necessary for scoring both Boom Cards or PDF Plans (whichever is used) -Narrative Picture Cards (8 page optional printable, same as those in Boom Cards deck)