Alphabet Letter Sound Match FLMNSX U.S. Audio

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by AlDee

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Subjects: ela,foundationalSkills,phonics,englishSecondLanguage,eslPronunciation,speech,listeningSkills

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: Alphabet Lowercase Letter Sound Match | Uppercase Letter Sound Match Sound Group: FLMNSX/flmnsx ⭐️ Letter Recognition - Audio ⭐️ Alphabet letters grouped by similar sound ⭐️ Letter match uppercase letter to alphabet sound ⭐️ Choose the correct letter sound to put in the box ⭐️ Audio instructions in English and Spanish A fun game for A1 level non-native speakers, or young native speakers. Teaching the alphabet to non-native speakers can be problematic because the letters often do not sound the same as they do in words. Most children learn by singing the alphabet but cannot identify individual letters. These games group the letters by sound to help students better learn the individual letters. The sounds randomise on each card, and the card order also randomises. This means that students can play the game more than once as they cannot automatically choose the same icon. In addition, if being played by more than one student the randomization feature means not all students will see the same cards, thereby reducing the temptation to copy. I would really appreciate your feedback, good or bad, on this product. I can only know if I'm getting it right or wrong if people tell me. Thanks Also available: Audio Decks ⭐️ AHJK-IY ⭐️ BCDEGPTVZ ⭐️ OR-QUW ⭐️ ahjk-iy ⭐️ bcdegptvz ⭐️ or-quw Match Uppercase to Lowercase Decks/Lowercase to Uppercase Decks ⭐️ AHJK-IY-ahjk-iy ⭐️ BCDEGPTVZ-bcdegptvz ⭐️FLMNSX-flmnsx ⭐️OR-QUW-or-quw