Treasure Talk - Complete Bundle

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by Speechbop

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Subjects: speech,specialed

Grades: 0

Description: Your little pirates will have a swashbucklin' good time finding treasure for the pirates' treasure chests in this "Treasure Talk Articulation" activity! This bundle includes 18 decks with phonemes in initial, medial and final position. Children love to collect the gems to place in the treasure chest! Visuals for each trial are perfect for non-readers! This product includes: -22 phonemes in a variety of positions! -Labiodental Fricatives (F & V) -Bilabials (B, P, M) -Alveolar Stops (T & D) -Velar Stops (K & G) -Alveolar Fricatives (S & Z) -S Blends (Sm, Sl, Sn, St, Sl, Sk) -Liquids (L & R) -Digraphs (Th, Ch, Sh) *all with provided visuals (perfect for non-readers)! *10 trials per sound position *612 trials in total!