St Patrick's Day CVC Word Bundle Uncover the Picture

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by Annie's ABC's and 123's

Price: 480 points or $4.8 USD

Subjects: stPatricksDay,ela,foundationalSkills,phonics,phonologicalAwareness


Description: St Patrick's read the CVC words and uncover the picture. Students will have fun while they practice and master reading CVC words. As each correct answer is chosen, parts of the secret St. Patrick's Day picture will appear. When all words are found the picture is revealed. There is a total of 4 sets of uncover the picture games with 64 CVC words in all. Cards play in order and are self-correcting. When students choose a correct answer, the deck will move to the next card. The deck is self-correcting, so students can continue to try until they find the right answer. Audio for students who need to hear directions. CVC words - bed, dog, cat, bag, map, bus, hut, pig, bib, top, pen, leg, sun, web, six, jet, ten, fox, log, mug, gum, vet, bat, fan, net, rat, mop, nut, cop, rug, box, hen, cut, pit, hug, hop, wed, mad, cob, pin, pan, wet, cab, bat, kid, mom, men, bug, pad, mud, tub, sit, cap, hot, red, sad, dot, zip, pot, lab, fed, lid, bun, bug