Core Vocabulary Bundle: For Core Word Targets and Core Word

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by Cardigan Speech

Price: 1600 points or $16 USD

Subjects: englishSecondLanguage,speech,communicationModalities,communicationSkills,lifeSkills,Special Autism

Grades: 0

Description: Help AAC users target all Universal 36 Core Vocabulary words using these interactive core word books. Great for a core word of the week activity, these core vocabulary interactive books provide repetive and systematic practice of core vocabulary. These cards use simple sentences and real pictures to systematically target core words. Core Words targeted include: Good Help Want Look Like Not Get Go Make Open Put Stop All Different More Finished Same Some Can Here On Turn Up In He She I It That You Do What When Where Why The pictures included are inclusive and simple. Real pictures are used, making this age appropriate for all ages. Each core word includes 10 target pages for a total of 360 total core word target pages! Use for core word of the week! These core words are part of the Universal 36 Core.