Unit 3 ''The drizzle | ''BUNDLE| Weeks 11-15 Read to explore with Max and Daisy | Phonics curriculum

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by LingvoKid | Read to explore with Max and Daisy

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Subjects: nativelanguage,language,instructionalEnglish,nativeEnglish,reading,writing,phonics,fluency,phonologicalAwareness,sightWords,foundationalSkills,speakingListening,elaLanguage,englishSecondLanguage,games,knowledgeOfLanguage,vocabAcquisitionAndUse,eslPronunciation,eslVocab,eslGrammar

Grades: 13,1,2,3,4

Description: This is the Unit 3 bundle of the Lingvokid phonics curriculum.(11-15 weeks) In this unit: -short and long u -short e -digraph ck and k (uke-uck) -blends tr, dr - vowel digraphs ea, ee -sight words: put, rule, rude Week 11 : -beginning and ending sounds -short u (CVC) Week 12: -Short e (CVC) and Long i (CVCV) Week 13: - Digraphs ee, ea -Digraph ck (ike-ick) Week 14 : -blends tr, dr Week 15:review. The unit's title is "The drizzle", which is the name of the unit story, what children would be able to read by the week 15. The course "Learn to explore with Max and Daisy" Stage 2 consists of 6 Units ("It's time to pack", "On a hike", "The drizzle", "The camp site", "Frogs on a log", "Homesick".). Stage 2 is divided into 2 books (3 Units in each book). In total the course is for 30 weeks.