European Halloween Shopping Menu Functional Math

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by Creative Curriculum Connections

Price: 1500 points or $15 USD

Subjects: edtech,ela,math,specialed

Grades: 2,3,4,5,6

Description: Have some Halloween fun with this functional math multi unit bundle! This life skills based unit provides for digital instruction, printables in the form of work sheets & task cards, boom cards, and MORE. This bundle features all the lessons that are in European currency and reflect European pricing. It is also available in U.S currency and Canadian. Students will utilize the merchandise price list to complete activities pertaining to price identification, euro up, rounding, determining sufficient funds, adding items and determining total cost, comparing prices, comparing total cost, and MORE. More lessons will be added to this bundle as completed! All resources have previews available :) and answer keys for the printable units are provided for your convenience. Find related resources and more on my TPT store at: