"Pot Luck" for Minimal Pairs

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by Troll in a Bowl

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Subjects: games,holiday,stPatricksDay,speech,phonology

Grades: 1,2,3

Description: Compete to find pots of gold, but look out for Leprechauns! Do any task to look under minimal pair cards (That's where Leprechauns hide their gold sometimes). Minimal pairs for working on 12 different phonological processes with the "Pot Luck" game. Short video tutorial included. *Final Devoicing *Prevocalic Voicing *Final Consonant Deletion *Initial Consonant Deletion *Fronting *Stopping */s/ Blend Cluster Reduction */l/ Blend Cluster Reduction */r/ Blend Cluster Reduction *Liquid Simplification *Deaffrication *Denasalization