S Sound and S Blends: 10 S Sound + S Blends Activities

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by jenn-slp

Price: 4500 points or $45 USD

Subjects: speech,articulation

Grades: 0

Description: Target S Blends / S sound with these 3 fun escape room games for S Blends / S sound. In these S Blends / S sound activities, students practice S sound / S Blends skills to help carryover their S sound and S Blends into daily life. In each S sound and S Blends escape room, explore 5 wild west scenes and practice S Blends and S sound articulation using real photos. At the end of each S sound and S Blends activity, students guess a password to escape the S sound or S Blends articulation escape room! Includes these wild west activities: - Initial S Sound Escape Room - Medial S Sound Escape Room - Final S Sound Escape Room - SK S Blends Escape Room - SL S Blends Escape Room - SN S Blends Escape Room - SM S Blends Escape Room - SP S Blends Escape Room - ST S Blends Escape Room - SW S Blends Escape Room