Kindergarten Gingerbread Numbers 1-10 Bundle

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by Little Lugo Learners

Price: 600 points or $6 USD

Subjects: holiday,math

Grades: 14,13,1

Description: These digital task card activities are the perfect thing you need for Math content for this Holiday Season. In this bundle, the child practices counting from 0-10 using ten frames, groups and matching. Not only does this bundle include counting but the child also practices numbers 1-10. The following is a list of activities included in this bundle: Activity 1: Gingerbread Cookie Count 0-10 Activity 2: Gingerbread House Sweets Count 0-10 Activity 3: Gingerbread Treats Ten Frame Count 1-10 Activity 4: Fill the Gingerbread Ten Frames Activity 5: Gingerbread Lollipop Ten Frame Match Activity 6: Gingerbread House Subitizing 1-10 Each Digital Task Card Activity also comes with sound for instructions, numbers and teaching. Each Digital Task Card Activity comes with a 2-3 Review Pages that discuss the skill the child will be working on for the activity as well as a Practice Page to make sure they understand the learning before they get started. This makes it perfect for at school whole group, small group and individual learning. It is also a great resource to assign for at home/distance learning. Recommended Ages: Kindergarten, First