Middle High School Social Skills Bundle

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by Badger State Speechy

Price: 10497 points or $104.97 USD

Subjects: speech,sel

Grades: 6,7,8,9,10,11

Description: A bundle of 20 social communication BOOM decks for middle and high school students that cover these goal areas: Conversation Skills, Identifying Emotions, Contrasting Emotions, Problem-Solving, Tone of Voice, Social Inferences, Social Filter, Character Traits, Formal and informal communication, Topic Maintenance, Identifying sarcasm in communication, Identifying sarcasm in texts, emails, social media, and Using sarcasm. All decks have (optional) audio directions, making them a good fit if you want to assign them for homework in google classroom. Use for brick and mortar sessions or teletherapy! Use on your teletherapy platform by sharing the screen and giving students screen control to make it interactive! This bundle is 10% off the price of all of the decks! Please note: this bundle does not include ALL of my middle school products.