French Passé Composé avoir et être BUNDLE

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by French with the Hobbs

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Subjects: language,instructionalFrench,nativelanguage,nativeFrench

Grades: 9,10,11

Description: Intermediate French students will practice le passé compose avec avoir, être et avoir/être in this bundle of THREE digital decks. All cards are in French. These digital cards make learning the past tense more engaging and interactive. Plus, you save time and stress of thinking and creating new practice activities. Great for classroom and distance learning. Which kind of practice activities will students do? Students will see a variety of cards throughout the decks. Each deck includes reading, writing and listening practice. Throughout the decks, students will drag conjugations to subjects, write the conjugations, choose appropriate agreements, drag verbs to appropriate parts of the sentence, and listen to audio recordings in the past tense. The 3 decks include: 1. Le passé composé avec AVOIR Students will see the following irregular verbs: lire, boire, prendre, faire, écrire, dire, mettre, voir, avoir 2. Le passé composé avec ÊTRE 3. Le passé composé avec avoir ET être The verbs include: boire, chanter, perdre, manger, jouer, regarder, faire, oublier, vendre, voir, réussir, rougir, entendre, répondre, aller, devenir, retourner, rester, revenir, rentrer, descendre, monter, tomber, naître, mourir, arriver, sortir, venir, entrer, partir If you have a specific deck and/or bundle request, email us at